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for questioning. fbi agents were back at his apartment in los angeles today. 2 men at the apartment left with agents though in their own cars. today we learn more about the shooting. investigators say the gunman never made it beyond the security checkpoint on the first floor. the third floor is where passengers depart at lax as you probably know. 4 people shot friday including 3 tsa officers. girard hernandez was killed. investigators say he was at the bottom of the escalator checking boarding passes shot from above. another officer who was hit twice in the foot talked publicly about his co-worker for the first time today. >> over the loss of my friend. only now it hit me i will never see him again. >> family and friends gather for vigil in honor of hernandez near lax tonight. >> sunken 100 foot long tugboat resurfaced after sitting at the bottom of the estuary for years in oakland. turns out not even the largest sunken vessel there. allen has clean up effort now under way in the east ware. >>reporter: it took 2 crane to lift 100 foot tugboat nicknamed captain al out of the oakla
to spew radiation. thousands of miles from los angeles, but not far enough. deformities are showing up in japanese butterflies. one striving fishing industry near the plant is shutdown. species labeled too radio active to eat. and there is the human toll, 160,000 families were forced from their radio active homes. many paying their mortgages even though they will likely never live there again. few could you shy -- few you could you she ma is an enormous problem. >> there is hundreds of gallons of radio active water every day. >> he is the president for the institute of environmental research who confirmed that the ocean currents are carrying the radio active water to the west coast. according to a study published in the journal "deep sea research 1" it will start arriving this coming march. but don't panic. it will be diluted and the levels on the west coast will be very low and not considered dangerous, so far. but the question is will we really know? >> i think we should do a better monitor pg of food. i don't think the fda and epa are doing a good enough job. >> it is not what has h
commission confiscated these dogs including los angeles. they have high levels of fallates, chemicals banned in the u.s. that many refer to as the new lead. they are considered a human carson gnaw gin. american toy producers stopped using them in 1999. >>> you are starting to think about buying gifts and there are ways to stretch your budget by finding the best deals out there. >> michael finney is getting you ready for black friday and he has ways to save. >> as you put together your wish lists, wouldn't it be great to be able to monitor the best prices available for the items on your list? here is a question. are you always getting the best price? there are self-websites and ads available to help you do that. jillian good man is on a budget. noel garcia just graduated from college. >> i am not making as much as i would like. >> and morgan fisk makes it a habit to keep her eye out for the best prices. all three of our 7 on your side staffers agreed to help us deal for the best way to keep tabs of the best prices. deal news, huxters and nifty tracks the prices of the items you would like to
at los angeles international airport tonight lead to chaos inside the terminal where people thought it was gunfire. ama dates is monitoring the situation in the newsroom for us. ama? >> carolyn, there was a lot of confusion tonight at l.a.x. when people thought they heard those shots they ran from the terminals. it was actually a really loud car accident. terminals four and five were evacuated because of the accident and an anonymous call to airport police about a man with a women at gate 45 and terminal 4. security swept the terminals with guns drawn to make sure the areas were clear. as this was happening some travelers ducked for cover and others ran out spilling on to the roadway bringing traffic to a stand still. here is the car that slammed into the parking structure around 7:30. you can see somebody being loaded into an ambulance. this twitter picture shows a car that may have been involved and one of its front doors is bent forward. >> the driver of the vehicle had a medical emergency that caused her to lose control of the vehicle and bounced over -- off several things. >> o
pass that along. down south, los angeles no problems as far as rain. 69 degrees in eureka and 61, 62 monterey. sfo if you are flying out or expecting somebody, no problems right now at our local airports. 56 in san francisco and 53 oakland. it is currently 48 in half moon bay. from our tower camera, downtown san francisco is sparkling. 44 in santa rosa, napa, fairfield. getting cool out there. 48 in livermore. here is a view from our exploratorium camera. isn't that beautiful how the lights are sparkling on the bay. partly cloudy and dry for thanksgiving and the weekend and it is going to be much cooler next week. so changes are coming. still a hipt of some rain. but it is not for the holiday weekend. here is a system that will parallel the coast. it is remaining well off our coastline so it is dry for the holiday weekend. as we take a closer look at thanksgiving morning you get off to an rly start. just some high clouds tomorrow morning as you may be traveling and you don't have to worry about a lot in terms of fog. could be a few patches in the central valley like we are seeing rig
son to rest. in san jose nick smith. >> president obama is in los angeles tonight landed at lax early this evening aboard air force one after spending the day in san francisco. it was his appearance in china town that drew national attention when local college student heckled him about deportation. lillian kim has the story. >>reporter: it all we know as planned until 21 minutes into the president speech. >> most importantly we will live up. >>reporter: graduate student from san francisco state interrupted him. >> i wasn't planning to interrupt his speech. >>reporter: he's undocumented immigrant from south korea. cal graduate and handful of friends hand picked to stand behind the president not too long after they arrived at san francisco recreation center. >> they picked us out of the crowd to be deck asian in the background but we have our own minds. >>reporter: he's tired of hearing politicians talk about immigration reform but doing nothing about it. this is why he decided to speak out. >> please use your executive order to halt deportation of undocumented immigrants in this
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6